Deadline date for funding applications is looming!

EnRich Charity is currently open for applications for support… and March 31st, 2017, is the next deadline.

The Charity is using a new process to help streamline the system and Trustees will now consider applications twice a year. The next deadline after the March one will be at the end of September.

All applicants should apply online here and are advised to follow up with a short email to to ensure safe receipt. If you have not received an email acknowledgement of your application by April 4th, 2017, please do let us know.

EnRich supports performing arts and creative arts activities in the town (not just music) and anyone studying or living in Barnsley, of any age, can apply to the Charity.

We are a small, local charity and therefore are not able to hand out huge grants but we know that every little can help. We have awarded grants to artists, sculptors, creative writers, musicians, choirs, radio stations, dancers and those heading for a creative media career.

Please take a look at just a few images below showing the types of creative activities we have supported.