About the Charity

Richard Tolson

About Richard Tolson

Richard Tolson “Rich T” was Head of Music & Performing Arts at Barnsley College for a number of years and had an impact on many lives. The charity set up in his name aims to promote any and all specialisms in performing and creative arts.

It is run by five Trustees, Josie Whiteley (Chairman) Kevin Tolson (Treasurer) Rachel Bostwick (Secretary) Tim Speight and Sarah Rose-Tolson.

About the EnRich Charity

Applicants for funding must have their permanent residence/family home in Barnsley and/or be studying at a Barnsley school or college. Funding will be allocated in such ways as the charity trustees think fit.

This will include for example:

Awarding small scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants for any university, college or institution of higher or further education to support the study of any specialism of performing/creative arts.

Providing funding to support travel in furtherance of that education or to prepare for entry to a relevant occupation on leaving any educational establishment.

The funding or partial funding of any other specific activity related to the furtherance of any specialism of performing/creative arts which the trustees believe will benefit an individual or a group fulfilling the geographic criteria.

EnRich Charity hopes to be able to EnRich lives so Rich T’s legacy lives on.

It is an unregistered, not-for-profit, charitable organisation funded by donations. All money donated goes towards our charitable purposes.