Supporting the Black Swan Performance Academy

Black Swan Performance Academy in Cortonwood was founded by Jessica Bell in 2014 after she appeared on Channel 4’s “Big Ballet”. Jess thought it was imperative EVERYONE had a chance to dance, so she began sharing her passion with children and adults alike.

Teaching ballet and tap in local venues, hiring halls and using any space possible she turned her dream into reality. When her main venue faced closure due to required maintenance Jess set about raising funds to keep the space open and to improve it for her dancers.

EnRich was pleased to support her with a grant to allow her to further develop her dream that dance is for everyone and anyone – regardless of age, size or shape.

Jess said: “Thanks to EnRich I was able to provide mirrors for our studio which we had never had before. It gives the place a professional feel and all my dancers love it – thank you. We will be doing our best to support EnRich in the future to help others”.